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05 July 2012 @ 10:22 am
The Happy Birthday Birdie!  
So yesterday was Cora Dove's first birthday. Oh, and America's birthday too.

People have been really nice about her whole chromosomal thing, but I have to admit I keep forgetting there's a problem.

She's scooting around now and saying Mama (well, actually it's more like mamamamamamaMAAAA MAAAA! MA! MA! MA!ma ma mamamama.....)and is sassy and all of, drum roll please, *15* *pounds*.

Our meeting with Dr. Glass from Seattle Children's Hospital put it all into perspective for us.

"You'll need to get her heart and kidneys checked for abnormalities, and since she's missing growth and development stuff, her ears and eyes," he told us.

"Okay....what are we checking for?" we asked. Astigmatism? I have that.

Dr. Glass paused, and said, "Well, some of the children with this deletion have been born without eyes....but she has them. So that's a wonderful start."

Dragoon and I were speechless for a minute, and then felt VERY cheerful. Because, yes, it's a wonderful start, isn't it? That she has eyes? Wouldn't you agree?

(Thank you, God, for her eyes. Thank you thank you thank you thank you)

We had a delightful Fourth-of-July celebration yesterday at Sacajawea State Park. You know how Dave Barry, in the course of discussing something an Alert Reader has sent in, will pause and say, "Which, incidentally, would make a great name for a rock band."

I'm that way about baby names. Yesterday I'm looking around at the Columbia River and the dugout canoes on display and musing "Sacajawea....that would be a cool middle name..." If I'm doing a yoga DVD, I'll think, "Fortitude! You could call him 'Fort' for short!"

My kids nipped that one in the bid, though. I bounced the name off 9yo Honeybee, who blinked innocently and said, "Fartitude? Farty-dude? Sure, I think that's PERFECT for a little brother."

Me: :/

Anyway. Cora Dove is doing luvverly. Many of the other children with her kind of deletions learned to walk only after several years, and usually require a walker. Many of them have only 10-word vocabularies by the age of 7 or 8.

Dove is behind, but only a little; she says five words already, and scoots everywhere. Her occupational therapists assure me she will definitely learn to walk. They've taken to calling her their miracle baby.

I even forget she should be crawling or walking by now, until I see the other babies at church born last summer, who are all walking. But since she looks about 5 months old, she still seems like a prodigy to be scooting at all.

And I have to agree. Pretty much every aspect of our struggle to have her, my pregnancy, her birth and her life since has been full of divine interventions. If I were Hannah, she's been my Samuel, especially in how intertwined her life and pre-life have been with my temple. Which is why she was named after our local temple; does it sound like I don't love her if I tell you I see her as a temple dedicate?

All of our children have been born uniquely with their own missions to fill. I'm just as delighted by the hearty, healthy ones who've loudly complained from Day One, as I am with the fragile ones, their tiny bodies almost obscured by the enormous spirit hazing the edges of the air around them.

Cora Dove certainly has that fingerprint on her, the good sort of changeling. What a year it's been.
happyorganisthappyorganist on July 5th, 2012 09:07 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you wrote. I'm bored today =D (in spite of entertaining myself by making-out with my vacuum and stuff like that. I'm wondering if I can text that message to a friend and if she'll be horrified or not. )
any which way. Glad you are doing well and your little one. And you crack me up. =)

- J
libermama on July 6th, 2012 04:21 am (UTC)
WOW! What a thing to be told about her eyes.


And what a wonderful little miracle she is!!!

Happy birthday, little one. And congratulations to her family for their tiny, wee prodigy.