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24 February 2012 @ 11:26 am
Back in the Market  
Is it just me, or are tv shows like someone lots of people are married to at once? Like we define ourselves as tribes aligned with the TV shows we watch.

So that when a show ends, everyone's cut adrift, ripe for rebound relationships with spinoffs and casual dates with our ex via syndication?

Last night Dragoon and I watched the last eppy of Stargate: SG-1.

We are Netflix Amish; we do have a tv, and do have a DVD player, but don't have rabbit ears or cable or anything else. So the only things you can watch in our house are the discs we own, and we like never buy discs, so if you don't like Stargate, Firefly, or Miyazaki, you are outta luck.

Or Thomas. We have a LOT of Thomas the Tank Engine.

But anyway. Stargate. Yes.

Did the end strike anyone else as a little rushed? All this big fanfare and overture....then a tiny little finale?

This may be way too geeky, old or obscure a reference, but if any of you played the old Sierra King's Quest games...you remember the music that played whenever King Graham died? The first few sonorous bars of that famous funeral dirge (I want to say Mozart) which then morphs into the Looney Tunes "that's all, folks!" musical flourish.

That's what the last episode was like. "Tha-a-a-a-at's all, folks!"

Which is ok. Clearly SG-1 had become the redheaded stepchild of the Stargate oeuvre. Witness the terrible special effects in the episode with the dragon. It was like Clash of the Titans all over again. I think the dragon drawn from an S on HomeStar Runner was better. ("The S is for sucks!")

Anyway. The only thing more loserly than watching TV is talking about watching TV. Unless you are talking about TV...and saying stuff a hundred other people have probably already said before.

okay, I'm off to try to remember how to get a life. Wish me luck.
happyorganisthappyorganist on February 24th, 2012 08:40 pm (UTC)
do you watch Monk? We love Monk. I may marry that fellow in my next life.

and also Psych. We're into that, too. =DD

SachikoSayssachikosays on February 25th, 2012 12:21 am (UTC)
oh, yes, that's right. We have us some Monk too.

And Due South. I LOVED Due South.
Tanyamortuus on February 24th, 2012 10:36 pm (UTC)
I think they rushed the final episode (no, it's not just you; it was rushed) because they were already focused on the movie.
SachikoSayssachikosays on February 25th, 2012 12:22 am (UTC)
The Ark of Truth one?

We need to get that one.
Tanyamortuus on February 25th, 2012 01:05 am (UTC)
Yes, I believe that's the one. It's worth watching.
onijitsuonijitsu on March 23rd, 2012 08:41 pm (UTC)
We're much the same way. No TV. Don't have cable or satellite. We collect shows by the season. Have (and converted Pipes to) Buffy, Angel, BSG, M*A*S*H and bits of others like House, Supernatural, and Fringe. Oh, we have most of the X-files too. Plus a whole shelf of Disney and other, kid-oriented stuff. Had I the desire to mentally self-flagellate, I could watch The Wiggles, Bear in the Big Blue House, Thomas and Dora without repetition til my own kids have kids. Though, as you know, kids LOVE to watch the same show six times in a row! I have learned that the Mark of a good kid's show is that you can repeatedly tolerate, and even quote, that film without too deleterious an effect upon your parental abilities.

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